Colourful Wedding Kiss


I for one LOVE a pop of colour, be it in what I’m wearing, what I have going on in the house, even what I’m eating. Colour means life, colour brings fun. As you can imagine I was thrilled to stumble across this quirky, colourful wedding in issue one of Doily Day’s Loves Weddings Magazine.


Sally & Chris are both designers. They’re from Brighton but they relocated to Asheville, North Carolina in 2011. They planned this fun, colourful wedding in just 2 and a half months. “I wanted it to be fun and a very colourful wedding, using a contrasting palate of bright green, pink, yellow, turquoise and orange.” “I had an amazing couple of friends who used to come over for craft nights and we’d sit, nibble, and make hundreds of pom poms!”



Colourful Wedding Couple



“My most memorable moment was when Chris’s niece sang a song at the ceremony in Welsh, their native language, and our little 3 year old held her hand and did a swaying dance all the way through, it was just so sweet.”



Colourful Wedding Bride & Balloons



“I had a lot of inspiration from pinterest – it was my invaluable source for ideas and a great place to keep an online scrap book of how I wanted the wedding.”


Colourful Wedding Caravan



“I run a business designing and making interior products so I used the fabric for the bunting, the ring pillow, the sashes on the bridesmaids dresses, and wrapped it around the bouquets. I also made napkins for dinner and had my candles on the tables.”


colourful wedding


Thank you to Sally for her words and to Doily Day’s Loves Weddings Magazine for sharing this real colourful wedding from 2013.

First Dance: Mirrorball – Elbow

Photography – W.ScottChester

Sally’s Shop – Etsy Sally Noodle


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River Jones Celebrant

Nowadays fewer people hold fixed religious beliefs, but this doesn’t make the occasions we’ve always marked with ceremony any less important. Helen of Doily Days holds a Q & A with River Jones, Independent Celebrant

1) Where can my ceremony be performed?

Anywhere you want! One of the best things about working with an independent celebrant is you get the freedom to choose. I’ve done ceremonies in people’s homes, on the beach, even on the Brighton Wheel!

2) Is it legally binding?

No – you need to deal with the legal aspect separately via your local council. This can be done in about 10 minutes for around £50.

3) What kind of different ceremonies are there?

As many as there are couples! The starting point is your outlook – whether that’s humanist, spiritual or includes some religious aspects – the ceremony has to feel natural and create the right atmosphere for your big day.


River Jones

4) What’s the most popular ceremony at the moment?

There’s lots of interest in Handfastings , especially for outdoor and festival weddings. Handfasting is based on old traditions of our islands.


5) Where do we start with our vows?

I spend lots of time supporting couples to think about what this step means to you, what promises you want to make. Having won a few prizes as a poet and taught creative writing for many years, I can help – whether it’s putting words together for you or inspiring and supporting you to write your own.



River Jones Ceremony Outside

6) How can we involve our family and friends in our ceremony?

You can have the traditional attendants and I always ask if there’s anyone special you want to involve. I always suggest including a moment when the whole gathering can express their support – it’s great for everyone to feel fully involved.

With thanks to Helen and River.



Read about the awesome Eco-Friendly Brighton Wedding that River was part of on Rock N Roll Bride.

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