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Creating a themed wedding which your guests will remember forever is quite a challenge. Many people go to 5 or 6 weddings a season and attending a really different and stand out one can make the whole day much more exciting. No one needs to see six versions of the same white chair covers weekend after weekend, which is why a themed wedding can be so great.

We are Fox and Partridge, also known as Caroline and Jess, and we believe in creating unique, personalised and stand out weddings. Jess is an established wedding photographer and Caroline is an experienced Graphic Designer and Wedding Stationer. We’ve been friends for over ten years and together we can create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of and bring your Pinterest boards to life!

We believe the key to creating a stand out wedding is a strong theme, ‘a themed wedding’. This can really help to pull a wedding together, from the stationery, to the decoration and even the cake. It can make decisions about all of these things a lot easier and for people like us at Fox & Partridge – it gives us so many exciting opportunities for ideas. The photos below show how a strong theme can really bring a wedding to life – Summer Festival and Alice in Wonderland as a start.

If you’re struggling to think of a theme, here are our top 5 tips for how to choose one:


This can come in so many forms. Have you had lots of holidays together, lived all over the country or simply like visiting different pubs and bars? From making your invites look like luggage tags or plane tickets to having each table named after a different country or town, there are lots of ways that this theme can come to life.

Fox & Partridge Styling


Have you been together for most of your lives and grown up together? This day is all about you as a couple so why not go one step further?! You could include things like facts or a timeline in your invites and maybe each table could be themed about a different time of your lives, University, travelling, first home…the possibilities are endless and by the end of the night all the guests will feel like they know you like your best friends. 


Themed weddings don’t come cooler than this. Favourite songs, favourite bands, song lyrics…all of these can be used to theme your wedding. You could even go as far as making your wedding into it’s very own festival with tickets for invites, a ‘line up’ with yourselves as the headline act and mandatory wellies for all the guests!

Styling by Fox & Partridge

Era or Decade

Think you were born in the wrong decade or love all things vintage? Different styles and fashions of our decades can provide so many good ideas to theme weddings. From being born in the 80s and having a neon wedding to matching the Art Deco feeling of your venue with Gatsby inspired invites and lavish centrepieces. Decades are also a particularly good one if you wanted a subtle theme as often you only need a touch of vintage magic for the era to come through.

Styling by Fox & Partridge

Books, Films & TV Shows

These sorts of themes would suit people who want to go all out! Did you watch the whole of Mad Men back to back as a couple? Or was your first date to see Star Wars? Even Harry Potter weddings could be so exciting! Our Alice in Wonderland shoot just shows how far a theme like this can go….

So there you go…and don’t let the feeling of ‘how on earth will we ever create that?’ put you off….that’s what Fox & Partridge are for!

F&P x

Images by Jessica Jill Photography . You can meet Fox & Partridge at The Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair on October 4th at Brighton Centre. 

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Choosing a first dance track is tough unless you have the vomit inducing ‘our song’. So here are some first dance recommendations from Alex Borg of Brighton’s awesome ‘The Stash DJ’s’.


Photo Madly StashDJs

1. Etta James – At Last

2. Ella Fitzgerald – Fever

3. The Beatles – Something

4. Elvis Presley – I Can’t Help Falling In love With You

5. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

6. Sam Cooke – You Send me

7. Nat King Cole – Love

8. Phil Phillips – Sea Of Love

9. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

10. Santo and Johnny – Sleepwalk photo my


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