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I think many people find talking flowers a bit daunting – especially wedding flowers.

There is that worrying feeling of ‘but I don’t know anything about flowers’ and the fear that you are going to come out of your wedding consultation having agreed to some arrangements you weren’t really sure about but the florist seemed to LOVE!

But rest assured (most) of us florists are down to earth people who really enjoy talking flowers and love nothing more than helping a couple design the flowers for their dream day.

1. Finding a good fit

It is as important as with any part of your wedding that you choose a supplier you feel truly suited to as we’re all very different. Florists all have different styles and ways of working so I’d advise you do a little bit of research into who you are choosing and take the time to talk to them properly. Have a look at their website or ask to see their previous work so you can get a feel of what their style and experience level is. If you are into sleek and modern you probably don’t want to head to your local traditional florist which had been selling the same style bunches for 60 years…

2. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas

There’s no way around it, some people can be pushy and that is no different with florists, if you don’t feel you are being listened to then perhaps you haven’t met the one yet. But, remember there is a fine line between expressing your ideas and being forceful yourself and not listening to the advice and experience of an expert!

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3. Beware of occasions

All flowers have their moments and also are subject to pretty extreme price fluctuations. It is worth checking out if there are any large scale national or international days or events any time near your wedding as this will really affect the price of your wedding flowers. Red roses are going to be at least double the price near Valentine’s day yet in July the price often comes right down – sometimes even half their normal price. An experienced florist will know important dates, in Britain but also in Europe and how they will affect prices.

4. Choosing seasonal

Hands up who loves Peonies? Yep you guessed it – they are an extremely popular choice for weddings (I get it – they are super beautiful!) I have brides asking all year around for Peonies but they really only have a very short season between late April – late July and this is also weather dependent. It might be that the beautiful bloom you had your heart set on just isn’t available at the time of year you need it. Alternatively you may be able to get your favourite flower but it will be imported from the other side of the world and will be twice the price!

By choosing seasonal you are always going to get the most for your money, flowers are not only abundant but at their very best.

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5. Be realistic

Budget is an uncomfortable subject but it really is best if you are upfront about your expectations and budget limitations. A good florist is able to work within a budget and suggest the best ways to make your money go as far as it can. That being said – we aren’t magicians and we can’t produce something out of nothing!

Best of luck with the wedding planning and I look forward to meeting you at the Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair.

Lib at Bettie Rose x

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The question’s been popped, you’ve said yes and now you’re officially engaged – congratulations! Planning a wedding is a hugely exciting time but it can turn into a daunting task. To help you navigate your way through what can be a minefield of decision making over the next 12 months or so, here are my top 5 quick tips for what you should do right away!

1 Celebrate!

Before you get cracking on your wedding plans, first crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate! This is a special time in your lives and you’ll want to share your big news with family and friends, soak up the excitement and positive vibes, maybe even throw a little party. Give yourself time to just enjoy being engaged.

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 2 Set The Budget

Once you get down to business the first thing you should work out is your budget and stick to it. Boring but essential! Knowing how much cash you have to play with will help enormously when it comes to looking for and booking the right venues and suppliers for your big day.

3 Pick The Date

Dig out the calendar and decide on a rough date that works best for you both, your immediate family and close friends.The summer months will always be the busiest time of year to get married and more than likely, many of your guests will be planning their summer holidays or even their own weddings. Firm up that date as soon as possible to ensure your suppliers are still available and your chief bridesmaid is not sunning herself on a beach in Barbados the day you pick to walk up the aisle!

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4 Find The Venue

The venue you choose will no doubt reflect your vision for the day and influence the overall ‘theme’ of your wedding. Sought after venues, be they retro luxe supper clubs or rustic barns in the middle of the countryside, can be booked up to, and even beyond, a year in advance of your date. Lock that venue down early folks to avoid disappointment.

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5 Book Your Photographer

Good wedding photographers, much like sought after venues, get booked up quickly. To make your search simpler and your booking quicker ask your newly married friends for recommendations or start by googling photographers in your area and photos of weddings already shot at your chosen venue. Narrow your search down further by preferred style and get in contact with the photographers whose work you really like as soon as possible.

Happy Planning!



YOU CAN MEET Sue Kwiatkowska at The Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair in Brighton on May 10th.



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