You’re getting married! Woohoo! Congratulations!

Now you’ve most likely already got a list a mile-long of things to sort before your big day but please allow me to add an item to the very top of that list: your ceremony.

As you will probably have discovered by now, it’s very easy to get distracted by Pinterest ideas, family politics about invitations and choosing colour themes and to forget what this whole shebang is really about – you and the love of your life making a commitment to each other for the rest of your lives in a ceremony with your nearest and dearest.

Outdoor wedding with Celebrant

Many couples spend a huge amount of energy, time and money on their reception, making sure that it reflects their personalities and their style, but think they have no say over the ceremony and choose a standard wording wedding from the registrar or local church.

Of course, if you’re regular church goers and that’s your bag, then you should get married in church – it makes complete sense. Lots of my couples, however, tell me they’re not religious but that they do have some spiritual beliefs. It’s not that they’re anti-church but a religious wedding service wouldn’t feel ‘them’. So they go to the registrar, thinking this is the only other option but feel frustrated that they can’t include any spiritual references at all. For others, this isn’t at all important but they don’t like the lack of personalisation in the service.

There is another way!

As an independent celebrant, I will get to know both of you and create you a unique ceremony that fits your personalities, your beliefs and even your theme (I just love an excuse for a costume). I will write your ceremony from scratch – no cut and paste here! – and your love story will be woven through the words.

Your ceremony can also be held anywhere you want. With no need for a licensed venue, you are free to get hitched on the beach, in your front room or at your very own all-weekend wedding festival if you want to. You are only limited by your imagination.

Gallivant Hotel Wedding-145

Using an independent celebrant for your ceremony is not legally binding, but we are working on this! Many of the couples I marry take a quick trip to the registry office in their lunch hour for the most basic ‘legal bit’, which consists of fewer than 50 words and costs around £50. They rock up in their jeans with a couple of mates as witnesses and leave the rings, the vows and all the other ceremonial stuff for their dream celebrant-led wedding.

‘All this personalised, getting-to-know-you, creative dream wedding ceremony stuff with a celebrant who will be available to us from the moment we book to the ceremony itself is surely going to cost the earth’, I hear you cry. You would think so, wouldn’t you? But even with the registry office fees on top, using me is actually often cheaper than getting a registrar out to marry you at your venue, (depending on where you live).

outdoor wedding

Using an independent celebrant frees you to express yourselves through your ceremony, which can be held at the venue that you would like, even if it’s not licensed. What’s not to love?!

Check out my website, Creating Ceremony, find me on Facebook or give me a call on 07929 764162. I’d love to chat weddings with you.

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