Information for exhibitors.


If you would like to exhibit at any of our events please contact me directly by email and I will send you all the information you require. Wedding Fairs start at £80 for a pitch. If you have any special requests just ask, I don’t bite.

TESTIMONIAL ALERT!!  “I love everything Belle’s Events stand for. The stand against the dull and the revival of all that’s creative and quirky. Belle’s Events bring together the wedding/party planner, the punter and the industry professionals full of creative ideas to share and I’ve been lucky to be involved and showcase my jazz and swing singing style at their fairs, parties and networking events. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me. Thanks Kelly.” Hannah x

Side Bar AdvertisingtHEbELL

This is a simple way to attract visitors to your site. All you need to do is provide your url, your logo/art work (Joss can help with the design for no fee).

How much? £75 for one years advertising, £50 for 6 months. If you are booked in to an event your advert will appear on the event page, if this is not a rolling event your advert will move to another page for the remainder of the year. If you book more than one event your advert will appear on each page you are booked in for. Front page adverts are £200 per year.

Recommended Supplier Badge

Have exhibited at a Belles Events? Well then, why not put a badge of honour on your website or blog and let the world know how we feel about you! Click here to grab the badge and code!


The #flyertable is exactly what it says it is, a table for flyers. You pay £10 per fair, £15 for Old Spitalfields, to have up to 200 flyers on the #flyertable. The #flyertable will be situated in a fabulous place and will not only have flyers on it but flowers and sweeties and probably my little bride and groom mice, because I can’t resist them. All you have to do is e-mail me with the subject heading #flyertable with the fair you would like to be on the #flyertable for and I will invoice you for a tenner, you then send me your flyers. Easy no?

TESTIMONIAL ALERT!!  “I have friends who see such a fantastic return from your flyer tables that I’m going to give that a go first.” Kate of Raffia & Twine.

Important Stuff 

If you are a supplier and require further information regarding one of our fairs, or would like to inquire about booking a table, contact us here stating which fair you are interested in. We have a PDF of information about every event with information about parking, loading, where to get a cuppa, you name it, you will receive this when you book.

If you have already booked a space at one of our events, Thanks! Here is some information you might find helpful:

  • Please feel free to help out with Social Media advertising and let me know if you’d like flyers sent.
  • Please bring a flask or use the pop-up tea room.
  • Feel free to bring a helper on the day, you can have 2 chairs per table.
  • Please bring a table cloth to make your table pretty.
  • Feel free to take photos on the day.
  • You will receive ‘Exhibitor Information’ for each event you book.
  • Please read the T&C’s below.


  • Belles Events will confirm your booking by e-mail and will always e-mail invoice and receipts of payment.
  • For Wedding Fairs you will receive a 50% deposit invoice on booking, this needs to be paid within 10 days otherwise your booking will be cancelled. If you book within 10 days of the event you will have 2 days to pay in full.
  • Refunds will not be given for cancellation.
  • Be aware that if payment is not made by the date on the invoice and another stall holder contacts Belles Events to book, your space will be given away after you have been contacted to confirm your non-attendance.
  • Belles Events will always endeavour to do as much advertising as possible within the limits of cost.
  • Exhibitors may start set up 2 hours before the event starts, loading may be restricted at some events but this will always be made clear.
  • Belle’s Events has it’s own public liability insurance, this covers us as a company. However, exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance and Belles Events will not be taken responsible for loss or damage of goods during the events. If you cause damage to a visitor or to the property Belle’s Events will not cover you, this is your responsibility.
  • The exhibitor may choose to have or not to have public liability insurance in place, however, must understand that Belles Events will accept no responsibility for loss of earnings from bad weather, cancellation, date change or non- attendance.
  • Exhibitors space will be shown clearly on the day of the event, however Belles Events will of course have a floor plan which you can ask about before the event, for example, if you would like to be near another exhibitor we can usually do this.
  • Table sharing is not permitted at Wedding Fairs, one supplier per table please.
  • Events will always endeavour not to have too many of one type of company, for example, no more than 4 photographers at a large fair like Belles Vintage Wedding Fair but no more that 3 at a smaller event such as Belles Bridal Bazaar.
  • It is not allowed to hang nails or stick items on walls in most venues, if you would like to erect a board behind your table please inform me.
  • If you need to bring a mannequin or similar let us know, most of the time we will have space.
  • All tables and chairs are supplied by Belles Events, but please bring table coverings.
  • Any electrical items used by exhibitors must be PAT tested, items up to a year old don’t need this.
  • Please do not pack up before the end of the fair unless you are told you can my member of the Belles Events team.
  • Belles Events reserves the right to remove any individual they do not deem suitable for any reason
  • Belles Events cannot guarantee customers (unfortunately) this is out of our hands.
  • Enjoy yourselves!